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The Dog Paw Chronicles – Life’s Journeys

The Dog Paw Chronicles – Life’s Journeys

Love, faithfulness, loyalty and hope are attributes that seem to be waning in humans today. But a dog has them innately, and exhibits them nearly every time you walk through the door of your home. Faye will take you on her life journeys in short story form, with...

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Coach Tommy Thompson

Coach Tommy Thompson & the Boys of Sequoyah is the story of Dickinson’s grandfather and the orphaned Indian boys whose lives he forever changed.

Stewy Baby

Stewy Baby finally has a real home with her special humans, the Campbell family.  As she settles into life in the pink palace, Stewy discovers curious human habits, unusual friends, and ….

The Indian’s daughter

A high-voltage political thriller. Forty-eight hours after her father, Sam Blackhawk, is nominated to head up the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Attorney KC Garrett’s world is turned upside down when his car is fished out of the Potomac…

Life’s bumpy roads

This is a collection of humorous memoirs from David’s childhood and adult life. The stories look at events from his childhood that repeat themselves as a parent and grandparent.

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