Love, faithfulness, loyalty and hope are attributes that seem to be waning in humans today. But a dog has them innately, and exhibits them nearly every time you walk through the door of your home. Faye will take you on her life journeys in short story form, with occasional comments by Red Dog, who had a “uniquely wise outlook on life.”  You may cry, you may laugh, but in all you may find a new beginning.

“This book is an easily understood message, eloquently written. As “The Dog Paw Chronicles” explains, you can either learn from others or pay for those life lessons yourself. Her insights came from growing through and going through life. It has made her a better person and this book will make you a better person…But only after a tear or two.” Mason Weaver, aka Clarence A. Mason – Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio/Television News Commentator, Book Publishing Coach.