A Brief History of the Silent Screen ( and the World At That Time)

Did you know that the motion picture industry started in 1872 with a $25,000 bet? Did you know the first sewing machine helped in the development of motion pictures? Did you know 35 millimeter film hasn’t changed since it was introduced in 1895? Which invention came first, silent films or the telephone?

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE SILENT SCREEN AND THE WORLD AT THAT TIME is not just a story about silent moving pictures.  It is a wonderful layout of that artform and the parallel world events that influenced it.

It covers the successes, disappointments, victories and the scandals from the beginnings in 1824 with the theory of persistence of vision and the first still photograph in 1827 to 1931 to the dominance of sound motion pictures.


Readers may wish to read only the film portions, the world event portions, or a combination of both.

It is a book “for the teen years to the seniors.” Young people can discover all of those things they take for granted including wide screen epic motion pictures to I-pods and I-pads and I-phones.

If you are a senior you may recall your parents taking you to a nickelodeon when you were very young.  If you are in between those years, reading this book will deliver a surprise on nearly every page.

High school students can use the book as a source for term paper ideas.  Those who like odd facts about world events will find it a necessity.  Students of film can read about the silent era’s humble beginnings.

It’s a book for every age.